Celebrate Your Personal Achievements with a Right Hand Ring

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Many women find themselves waiting for the day when the person they love gets down on one knee and presents them with a ring they have always dreamed of. Here at Trumpet & Horn, we say why wait? These days, right hand rings are a great way to express personal style and treat yourself or someone you love to something beautiful. No wedding planner required!

Right Hand RingWhat’s a Right Hand Ring?

Engagement and wedding rings have always been traditionally worn on the left ring finger. This has been practiced for centuries as a way to clearly show that a person is married. However, wearing a ring on the right ring finger also makes a powerful statement to the world. The meaning of a right hand ring can vary depending on the person wearing it, but it always represents an important moment of your life.

People wear right hand rings to represent:

  • An achievement, such as graduating college
  • Celebrating newfound independence
  • A coming of age gift
  • Membership in an organization, such as a school or sports team
  • Celebrating the love between parents and children
  • A personal fashion statement

Basically, you can wear a right hand ring for any reason you wish! No matter what your current situation, you or someone you love surely has some personal achievements that merit celebration. A right hand ring not only makes a great gift for yourself, but it also will make a wonderful choice for a loved one.

Choosing a Right Hand Ring: Factors to Consider


Whether you’re buying a ring for yourself or another, it’s important to match the personality of the wearer to the look of the ring. Consider personal fashion sense and life philosophy when shopping for right hand rings. Here at Trumpet & Horn, we have a huge selection that includes something for everyone!

lifestyle ringLifestyle

 If you’d like the wearer to be able to wear the ring on a daily basis, considering the lifestyle is important. A woman who works with her hands, such a hairdresser or a mechanic, may do better with a simple ring that can easily be worn under a pair of gloves and won’t snag. If the wearer has a lifestyle or job that involves dressing fashionably, a flashier right hand ring will likely be appreciated!


The type of right hand ring you choose also greatly depends on the reasons for wearing it in the first place. If the ring is meant to symbolize individualism or freedom, an Art Deco ring or a ring with colorful gemstones might be a good representation.

When choosing an anniversary ring, a romantic Victorian style would make an excellent choice.

If the ring will represent a personal achievement of some sort, a ring with multiple gemstones or details around the band will symbolize the hard work that was completed every step of the way.

symbolism ringTrumpet & Horn: The Perfect Right Hand Ring for You

Finding unique vintage rings from all around the world is our greatest passion here at Trumpet & Horn. The only thing that excites us more is helping our customers find a perfect ring among our collection. If you have questions about our right hand rings or other fine jewelry, please give us a call at 1-800-593-1933. You can also write us online using this quick form, and we can be reached using our live chat service Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Pacific time. We can’t wait to hear from you and help guide you through this exciting purchase.

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