Many rings make a lasting impression, but few make one as strong as a moonstone antique ring. Moonstone is an incredible gemstone that doesn’t get as much attention as some others like diamonds, rubies, or emeralds. Befitting of its namesake and overall aura, the reason that moonstone doesn’t seem to garner as much love as its counterparts is a mystery, but one thing is for sure—it’s not because of its appearance. Moonstone is an utterly mesmerizing stone, and the fact that it isn’t seen as frequently in jewelry as other gemstones actually gives it an advantage, as pieces that do feature the stone stand out. The lucky owner of an item containing this often bluish or gray stone, such as a moonstone antique ring, will be sure to light up any room.

Moonstone: A Brief History

Although it became very popular during the Art Deco period, moonstone has been around and used in jewelry for centuries. The stone’s name, as is probably evident, is derived from its resemblance to the surface of the moon. Like opal, moonstone can come in a variety of colors and also features a play-of-color that changes depending on how light hits it. It is common to see moonstones that feature hints of gray, blue, green, and white. The moon is often associated with mystery, adventure, and dreams. It makes sense, then, that a moonstone antique ring would have the appropriate characteristics and evoke similar feelings. No ring shows this better than the charming Floriston.

moonstone antique ring Floriston’s Beautiful Blues This incredible ring is from the mid-1930s, and certainly made some lucky woman the center of attention as she showed it off during glamorous cocktail parties and evening galas. The almost glassy oval moonstone is an obvious showstopper, coming in at over 4.5 carats! The mix of grey, blue, and white gives this center stone a cloudy yet magical appearance that could keep one’s gaze for minutes. Not only does this stunning ring feature a large moonstone, but the center stone is surrounded by a halo of equally breathtaking sapphires. Their bright blues enhance the moonstone and make the rich hues stand out even more. The simple gold band is exactly what this ring needs to showcase its beautiful blue stones and take it right over the top. While cocktail parties aren’t exactly what they were back in the day, you could make any event shine and be the hit of night with Floriston on your side. Make this enchanting moonstone antique ring your very own and bring a piece of the Art Deco period into modern times.