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Over the years, adding a wedding band to an engagement ring has become a widely accepted tradition. Many women choose to wear stackable diamond wedding bands so that they can easily incorporate their engagement ring with the band they receive on the day of their wedding. While the engagement ring symbolizes the love shared between two people and the commitment they have promised each other, the wedding band is usually a symbol of the ceremony and the bond between spouses. white gold wedding bandflower engagement ring Some women choose to have their engagement ring and band soldered together, some wear them on different fingers, and others choose to forgo the band altogether. It is simply a matter of preference for the person wearing the ring. The good thing about stackable diamond wedding bands is that you can add an extra special touch to your ring, but still have the option to wear either just the wedding band or the ring on its own. Stackable bands can create a cohesive look. Take Josephine for example: this beautiful vintage-inspired band can be paired with many types of engagement rings, thanks to the curved design and easy to match white gold. Josephine is stunning enough to be worn on its own, but when worn along with the right ring it makes both pieces stand out. One such ring is Angelica, another white gold ring with a breathtaking kunzite stone. Stackable diamond wedding bands are endlessly versatile. There are many different styles to choose from and you are in control of how you enhance your ring. Like the pairing of Josephine and Angelica, many women like to stick with something similar to their engagement ring, meaning if they have a white gold ring, they will choose a white gold band. However, if you love the look of mixed metals, switch it up with a pairing like Celine and Chantal gold branch wedding bandengagement ring with square gemstone Try a rose gold band with a platinum engagement ring, mix yellow and white gold, or whatever else your heart desires. The only thing that matters is that you love the combination. After all, your ring and band are reflections of you and should help you show off your personal style. Trumpet & Horn offers vintage-inspired wedding bands that allow you to add that extra touch to your ring. If you have chosen a vintage engagement ring, wedding bands that match it can be hard to come by because they are more of a recent tradition. When they do pop up, they aren’t always in great condition. The vintage-inspired wedding bands at Trumpet & Horn are made with tools similar to those from the 19th century, for a vintage look that allows you to pair a similar style band with your vintage engagement ring, if that’s what you opt to do. Find your perfect pair with stackable diamond wedding bands from Trumpet & Horn.

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