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sapphire engagement ringI just attended the wedding of a close family member. It is always amazing to me how many details go in to planning a wedding. The hours spent deciding what color the bridal party will wear. The words the couple will say to one another as they exchange their vows. It is an occasion that is truly historical for the people involved. The couple embarks on their new life together. Parents say goodbye to their children as members of their family unite. Two entire families join together. It is truly a moment of change and growth. For those of you nearing wedding planning or planning an engagement: why not spend the same amount of attention on an engagement ring that suits your personality? From vintage to vintage-inspired rings, from a classic diamond ring to a standout sapphire engagement ring, at Trumpet and Horn, we provide something for everyone. From old souls to classic beauties to girly girls and more, among our selection there will almost certainly be something to suit your needs. sapphire engagement ringTrumpet & Horn has a range of traditional diamond engagement rings in a variety of settings. We also feature colored gemstones that you could find in a ruby, emerald, or sapphire engagement ring. Whether you choose to stick with the norm and go for a diamond, or mix things up with a splash of color, we know you will enjoy looking through the variety we have to offer. The gorgeous pieces we have will no doubt inspire you. To make your search easy, we have grouped together some of our most popular engagement rings, which includes some of our beautiful colored gemstones, like a sapphire engagement ring. Moreover, we have separated rings by era: Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco, among others. sapphire engagement ringIf that is not enough, or if you just need a bit more inspiration, check out our engagement ring style quiz, which is an easy way to get started on a theme for your ring. Whether your soon-to-be-bride is a girl next door looking for a simple ring or a bombshell who wants all the glitz and glamour, we can help you focus and narrow down your selection. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t break the mold. A choice like a sapphire engagement ring might be great for both the simple and dramatic personalities, depending on the stone, cut, and setting. Have fun with your choice and don’t feel like you have to adhere to tradition. Your engagement is a life-changing moment. An outstanding ring like a sapphire engagement ring can make the memory of this moment extra special, so choose yours carefully.

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