Give Her a Glimpse of the Past with a Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

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platinum peachtree

Getting engaged is an exciting and special moment in itself, but having the perfect ring makes it even more significant. Receiving a vintage ring with an engagement is a trend that is on the rise, and a trend that we at Trumpet & Horn fully support. We adore how vintage rings allow you to bring the past into the future with a beautiful, classic ring that is most definitely swoon worthy. The majority of the items we carry at Trumpet & Horn are vintage, meaning that they were made within the last 100 years and previously owned. However, some of these vintage items are just so breathtaking that it would be a shame not to recreate them. These vintage inspired engagement rings are brand new but still have all the charm of the original piece they were modeled after. victorian era Vintage rings are heirlooms that have been handed down over the years and come with their own history attached. A vintage inspired engagement ring lets you have the best of both worlds. You get a dreamy, romantic ring with a ton of character and the chance to create your own story. Your engagement ring can easily become a family heirloom, eventually going from vintage inspired to bonafide vintage, and carrying a story you’ll know from the very beginning.   The Platinum Peachtree is a newly made vintage inspired engagement ring from the Edwardian era. The center stone is true to the era it replicates, an Old Mine Cut diamond weighing between 0.28—0.35ct. The beautiful design resembles a delicate lace that sparkles all the way through, courtesy of its additional round diamonds that total 0.26ct. Since the Peachtree has been recreated, it is also available in yellow and rose gold, allowing it to be tailored even more to your preferences and helping you fall further in love with your engagement ring. gatsby Rings from the Victorian era (the late 1800s) can be difficult to find, but a vintage inspired engagement ring is the perfect solution to this problem. Get the romantic feel of this era with an elegant ring, such as Trumpet & Horn’s tiara engagement ring. This Trumpet & Horn exclusive ring holds a total of 20 round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing 0.26ct, in an 18k band. The showstopper of this number is the gorgeous 0.75ct pear shaped diamond that hangs from the diamond foursome at the top. This romantic ring can also be purchased in platinum or in gold with a beautiful pear shaped emerald. The name of this vintage inspired engagement ring alone inspires thoughts of the roaring twenties, which is reflected in Gatsby’s whimsical design. Gatsby is an 18k white gold ring that includes a halo of diamonds, totaling 0.43ct, around a bezel set 0.35ct center stone. Designed to be reminiscent of the early 1900s, this glamorous ring easily evokes a vintage feel while letting you create its history. We understand the importance of finding the perfect engagement ring. Trumpet & Horn’s vintage inspired engagement rings are handmade and span many popular jewelry eras. These unique rings bridge the gap between new and old, and are sure to become a classic in your family. You can find these beautiful vintage inspired engagement rings and many more here.

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