Happy Earth Day!

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eco friendly vintage jewelry vintage sapphire and diamond ringvintage emerald and diamond ringvintage art deco diamond ringvintage ruby ringvintage world necklace   April 22nd is Earth Day, so today we’re celebrating how eco-friendly vintage engagement rings are!   For many women, finding an engagement ring that is unique, conflict-free, and environmentally friendly is a priority. However, this can be a big challenge! For many newly made engagement rings, meeting all three criteria can be a tall order. But of course, we think the solution is obvious: choose a vintage engagement ring instead!   ETHICALLY SOURCED A surefire way to ensure that your diamond was sourced ethically is to buy vintage or antique. The vast majority of rings in our collection are anywhere from 60-130 years old, which means they were made in the 1880’s -1950’s. This means the diamonds in our rings were mined before the diamond mining conflicts began, giving you some major peace of mind!   ECO-FRIENDLY Vintage engagement rings are also eco-friendly. Most vintage rings were made by hand in a jewelers workshop, with handmade vintage tools, and sometimes without the use of any electricity (depending on how old your ring is). There are no big factories in the histories of vintage and antique engagement rings, and since each diamond used has already been mined decades ago, no additional mining processes are necessary to make one your own.   UNIQUE & UNUSUAL And of course, vintage rings are also extraordinarily unique. Since most vintage pieces were hand made by jewelers and often designed around the diamonds and gemstones that are featured in each piece, vintage engagement rings are typically very unique and unusual compared to many modern, newly made rings, and some are even completely one-of-a-kind.   Of course, buying vintage isn’t the only option for rings that are unique, green, and ethical, but we think it certainly makes the process of finding the perfect engagement ring considerably less difficult! So, vintage lovers: here’s to Earth Day and making our lives a little more “green”!

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