halo engagement ringWhether you were presented with a halo engagement ring or picked one out for someone else, you now are faced with the exciting task of choosing your wedding bands! This is a beautiful time for any soon-to-be-married couple. Picking out your wedding bands is just the beginning. From planning the wedding to choosing the honeymoon location, the two of you will revel in collaborating on your creative efforts. What Is a Halo Engagement Ring? A halo ring features a large center gemstone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller stones, typically diamonds. This halo creates a beautiful sparkling effect that draws the eye to the center gemstone and helps it reflect more light. Since halo rings typically have a larger setting that protrude on the sides, it’s important to look for a wedding band that will fit comfortably with the shank of your engagement ring. You’ll also want to look for a band that will bring out the beauty in your setting, which can be done in a number of interesting ways! Wedding Band Options for Your Halo Engagement Ring halo engagement ring1. Matching Gemstones If your halo ring features a sapphire or other colored gemstone, choosing an eternity or pave wedding band with smaller versions of the same stone is a wonderful way to bring out the beautiful color in your ring. 2. The Same Cut If you don’t want to match the gemstones on the band and ring, another option is to match the cut. A square or rectangular cut looks amazing next to a band that features smaller versions of the same cut, even if they are different gemstones. 3. Simple vs. Complex Another way to bring out the beauty in your setting is to match a simple band with a complex one. If your halo engagement ring features pave stones or intricate carvings, try matching it with a smooth, modern band. The same goes for matching a smooth engagement ring band with an intricate wedding band. 4. A Specially Designed Shape Wedding bands that are too thick or have protruding gemstones may not be able to slip beneath the halo setting, so always be sure to have your engagement ring with you when browsing for wedding bands. You can also look for a band that features a unique shape or slim design, allowing it to work with your halo ring. halo engagement ringTrumpet & Horn: Vintage Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands If you’re looking for an expansive collection of vintage and vintage-inspired rings, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve searched the world to gather our collection of vintage jewelry, and nothing excites us more than sharing it with you. If you’re ready for help finding a halo engagement ring and wedding band, please contact us today. Thanks for visiting!