How to Look Relaxed & Natural for Your Wedding Photos

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Photography by Ali Bonomo

Here we go, bride-to-be: Your wedding day is creeping closer, those last final items on your to-do list are complete, and everything seems to be going smoothly. But that hidden seemingly unreasonable fear can’t help but strike you with worry: “What if I look awkward in my wedding pics?!”

This is a totally valid concern to have! It’s your big day and therefore it’s completely natural to feel nervous about the end results. Save yourself some anxiety and follow these steps on how to look natural and relaxed in your wedding photos and you’ll be breathing easy the whole day.

Photography by Bethel Ann Photography

First things first: do you vibe with the photographer? This simple question can truly make or break your expectations of your wedding photography. Having someone behind the camera who you get along with and can be candid about your wants and needs with is crucial to the big day. When you connect with someone on that level, they’ll be able to direct you behind the camera so that you capture that perfect moment of marital bliss!

Photography by Rebecca Yale

A few tips and tricks can help you prep for the endless amount of photos you’ll be posing for on your wedding day. Remember to hold your head up high and roll those shoulders back to exude cool confidence. Concerned about shape? For a slimming effect, try to slightly pivot your body so that you’re facing the camera at a 45-degree angle.

If you’re worried about your sleeveless wedding dressmaking your arms look a bit less than gorgeous, remember to keep your arms slightly away from your torso so they’re not flattened against your body. You can also play around with shifting your weight from one leg to another to give some slight alternate posing options.

Photography by Ali Bonomo

Never know what to do with your hands? Grab that bouquet! Playfully pick up the hem of your dress, daintily trace your fingers along your veil, even grab your bridesmaid’s hands! Any small, simple prop can help ease your worry and still look totally natural.

Photography by Anya Kernes

Taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and slowly opening them creates a gorgeous fresh look for the photog and helps you soothe any posing jitters. 

Photography by One Hope Wine

After all that smiling, your face might feel a bit tired. Don’t fret over forcing a smile -- sometimes even a pretend laugh can elicit a real one, thus bringing out a genuine smile on your gorgeous face! Such a harmless little trick ;)

Another good thing to prep for is makeup touch-ups in between shots! If your wedding is in summer, bring some oil blotting sheets to keep shininess at bay. Keep your lipstick on hand for a touch-up, (but make sure it’s not on your teeth!), grab a handful of q-tips to smooth out your eyeliner, some bobby pins for your hair, and voila!

Photography by One Hope Wine

It may seem nerve-wracking to put so much pressure on having the perfect wedding photos, but if you and your wedding photographer have good communication, those frame-worthy moments will be snapped without you even noticing and your day will be effortlessly beautiful.

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