How to Pair Classic Art Deco Bracelets with Modern Style

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Everybody loves a good piece of eye candy, and the perfect way to jazz up your wardrobe is with Art Deco bracelets. The Art Deco era spanned nearly two decades, beginning in 1918 and continuing throughout the mid-1930s. Art deco design includes sharp lines, bold colors, and an interplay of geometric shapes and patterns that have been influential in architecture, art, and, of course, jewelry.


Since art deco pieces are defined by their sleek design, they can easily be paired with modern day styles for a classic, yet edgy look. At Trumpet & Horn, our Art Deco bracelets are authentic and showcase the traditional elements of the era. Many pieces feature bright stones that add a pop of color and spunk to an outfit. White metals are also prominent in Art Deco design, such as platinum and white gold, which make this jewelry extremely versatile.


Divine Lines: Art Deco Belly Bracelet

 art deco belly bracelet


It’s big, it’s bold, and, oh my, is it breathtaking. The Art Deco Platinum Belly Bracelet originates from the early 1920s. As the name suggests, the band is comprised of beautiful platinum and it is covered with shimmering diamonds that catch the light with every movement. The parallel lines and varying shapes of the diamonds make the Belly truly unique and representative of the Art Deco era. This vintage bracelet can easily be paired with a cocktail dress for a night out, or worn with a more casual ensemble for a dinner party or work event. Just be prepared to turn heads and fight off compliments!


Dress It Up or Down: Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Bracelet

art deco diamond and platinum bracelet


Sweet 16: That’s how many carats are nestled in the gorgeous Art Deco Diamond and Platinum bracelet. Circular patterns are a theme in this stunner, with round diamonds of various sizes delicately stacked in rows. With this bracelet, you can easily add some shimmer to a classic little black dress or turn up the drama on the red carpet. Whatever the event, this Art Deco bracelet is up for the challenge.


From “I Do” and Beyond: French Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Bracelet


 french art deco

The perfect “something old” for your big day: the French Art Deco Diamond and Platinum bracelet. This traditional Art Deco vintage bracelet will make you feel like Jean Harlow. And trust us, this Art Deco bracelet will not be collecting dust after you say “I do.” The diamond platinum bracelet can be worn for other special events such as anniversaries, galas, or a fine dining experience.


Art Deco jewelry is unique and absolutely striking, but that is what makes it so sought after. Pieces from this era are timeless, which is why they are still extremely popular today. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and because the three Art Deco bracelets featured in this blog are diamond and platinum, they can be worn with virtually anything!


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