Romanticism was evident in engagement rings from the Victorian period. Bright bold gems gave a pop of color to the ones from the Art Deco period. With so many gorgeous choices, how do you determine which antique engagement ring to pick?

Each time period has its own unique style that can be comparable to what your special lady likes. The greatest thing about these unique engagement rings is that they are made from different eras and use gems and metals that were popular at the time they were created.

There is great history and relevance behind each and every piece, making every single one of our antique engagement rings unique. To help you decide which era embodies the most important relationship in your life, here is a quick reference to the styles of different time periods in history.

gregorian period

Georgian Period

Many of the jewelry pieces from this period, which lasted from 1714 to 1837, were heavily influenced by nature, so you might see some renditions of plants or animals in the designs. They are the perfect option for the nature lover and romantic who would also appreciate a one of a kind, handcrafted ring.

Victorian Period

victorian period

Queen Victoria of England had a great love for all things romantic, and it showed in the jewelry pieces of the Victorian period (1836–1901). Flowers, hearts, and bows were popular, as was the Queen's favorite gemstone: the opal.

Midway through this period, diamonds, platinum, and gold were discovered which means an antique engagement ring from this era will likely have some beautiful natural elements while maintaining a classic romantic look.

art noveau period

Art Nouveau Period

For the funky and creative woman, a ring from the Art Nouveau period may be just her style! Jewelry from this era reflected the onset of the twentieth century, and a shift towards more modern designs. The gems weren't as important as the actual craftsmanship of the pieces, but still come in a wide range of options.

eduardian period

Edwardian Period

If you're looking for more of an elegant and graceful look, the intricate designs of rings that trace to the reign of King Edward of England might be the perfect antique engagement ring for you. Fine filigree work was popular in this era, and platinum and diamonds were the materials of choice during 1895–1914.

art deco period

Art Deco Period

Here we see another huge shift in style, especially from the Edwardian period before it. The Art Deco period was unlike anything before it with its sharp, straight lines and bold color bursts.

Bright gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies were often used in engagement rings, and reflected the edginess of the popular jazz culture at the time. If she loves the way retro styles stand out, she’ll love an Art Deco period antique engagement ring.

Retro Period

Retro Period

During the Great Depression that marked this era from approximately 1935—1950, many materials weren't available (or affordable) for engagement rings. Instead, chunky designs and illusion settings made from synthetic rubies and sapphires that made the stones seem larger became popular.

This is also when many popular jewelry makers like Tiffany & Co. and Van Cleef & Arpels became popular, so if you’re looking for a designer brand with an old Hollywood theme, definitely check out a ring from the Retro period.

We know you’ll find the perfect antique ring from a time period that matches her style and represents your love for each other. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have, or to help you find a specific antique engagement ring that you have in mind.