How to Pick the Perfect Band for Your Antique Solitaire Engagement Ring

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Choosing a vintage ring from Trumpet & Horn means that you will have a one of a kind piece of jewelry with a long history. An antique solitaire engagement ring is a wonderful option if you are looking for something simple and elegant with a lot of character. That might seem like a lot to ask of one ring, but that is the beauty of choosing an antique piece that has been around for many years. Solitaire

Stun with a Solitaire A solitaire ring relies on one center stone to make a statement. Because of this, many women like to add a wedding band to enhance their engagement ring. In earlier eras, wedding bands were not extremely common and an engagement ring stood on its own as a symbol of marriage. Also, wedding bands tend to take on more damage over the years. Because of this, it can be somewhat challenging to find an exact match for your antique solitaire engagement ring. But don’t worry! There are options to help you find the perfect band to accentuate your engagement ring. One option is to consider purchasing a wedding set. If you are able to find an antique ring that has a matching wedding band, your work is done. However, you might find yourself in love with a unique ring that does not feature a band. Browse Bands at Trumpet & Horn At Trumpet & Horn, we know that many women want a band that matches their engagement ring and is also reflective of the same era. You can seek out an authentic vintage wedding band or opt for one of our  vintage inspired wedding bands. In order to stay true to the vintage look, we hand make our bands using the same tools and techniques of the early 19th century. Maresilles

You can choose a vintage inspired band that matches, or comes close to, the metal of your antique solitaire engagement ring. Plus, we use recycled stones and metals to get as close as possible to replicating a vintage look, and all of our bands are available in rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Below is our Marseilles Yellow Gold band paired with Williston, which features a diamond solitaire and an 18k white and yellow gold band. Depending on the size and shape of your engagement ring, a band might not fit exactly inline. To combat this, some women embrace the gap or even choose to wear their band on their right hand. Williston

Something Old, Something New Another option is to pair your engagement ring with a modern wedding band. This can be a great opportunity to mix old and new, and a chance to add a new chapter to an already established story. You have options when it comes to finding the perfect wedding set to match your personal preference. Exploring your possibilities is part of the fun, and you might even surprise yourself with your selection. At Trumpet & Horn, we know your wedding jewelry is important to you, which is why we carry one of a kind pieces and vintage inspired bands that can take your antique solitaire engagement ring to the next level.

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