How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry for New Mothers

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When considering what gift to get a brand new mother, make sure to add jewelry to your list. There are many options to choose from, but the best jewelry for new mothers will be pieces that are purchased with the specific woman in mind. As with any gift, you want to consider the preferences of the person receiving it and be thoughtful when deciding on items for them. If there is a new mother in your life, whether she’s your partner, sister, or friend, jewelry is a great gift to help mark such an important event in her life. A quality piece of jewelry will last for years and whenever she sees it, she will remember not only the birth of her child but also your love and support at such a special time. Using Birthstones Many women love to incorporate the birthstones of their children into rings, necklaces, and bracelets. If this is her first child, you can purchase a special piece of jewelry with the stone that corresponds with the month of her due date. You might want to wait until baby makes their debut, though, since due dates aren’t always an exact science! vintage-ruby-victorian-engagement-ring-prairieThe good news is that you can find many pieces which feature jaw dropping, colorful gemstones. For example, those who are looking for a present to give someone who is expecting in July could purchase a ring with a gorgeous red ruby, as this would be a great piece of jewelry for new mothers! For example, Prairie is a gorgeous antique ring is from the early 1880s, which makes it an authentic Victorian-era piece. It has a stunning, natural red ruby that weighs .76 carats. Ruby is the traditional birthstone for those born in July, so not only is this ring gorgeous, but it will also hold a special meaning to the new mother in your life. She might even pass this beauty on to her little one when they’re old enough to cherish it. Around Her Neck and in Her Heart While birthstones are very popular gift items for mothers, they aren’t the only options out there as far as jewelry for new mothers goes. The bond between a mother and her child is indescribable and filled with so much love. kerry_gilligan_custom_coordinates_pendantYou could opt to give her a tangible symbol of this love with a necklace featuring a heart shaped pendant or a ring with a heart shaped stone. A heart shaped locket is classic gift that she can always wear, and you could include either a picture of her and baby or engrave their names and the birth date somewhere on the piece. Another thoughtful necklace option is the Coordinates pendant, which is engraved with the coordinates of a place that is special to the owner. Use the location of the birth or even the conception and this pendant is a perfect piece of jewelry for new mothers! Shop for New Mothers at Trumpet & Horn If you are looking to gift a new mother with a beautiful piece of jewelry, you truly have many options. You can go with the child’s birthstone, try a heart shaped necklace, or even give our Coordinates pendant as a gift. However, you can also choose an item that reminds you of her or that you are certain she will love. As long as it is thoughtful and comes from the heart, she is sure to love it. Visit Trumpet & Horn today to find the perfect gift for the new mother in your life.

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