Learn the Best Way to Clean an Engagement Ring

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Learning the best way to clean an engagement ring can ensure that yours always looks dazzling and never loses that sparkle you love so much. While the price of an engagement ring can definitely vary, it is a priceless piece of jewelry that should last you a lifetime. With proper care and mindfulness, it can remain beautiful the entire time you have it. How Your Ring Gets Dirty clean engagement ring Some activities are going to get your ring noticeably dirty, like cooking, gardening, or everyday spills and accidents. Of course, you can wear gloves or take your ring off during these times,  (just remember to put it somewhere safe!) but sometimes it can slip your mind to do so. It is helpful to know the best way to clean an engagement ring for these, and other not so obvious, situations that can have your ring looking less than its best. Lotions and the oil from your own skin can build up on your ring and cause it to appear cloudy or dirty. The good news is, cleaning your ring at home is easy and effective! If you have previously used a jewelry cleaner that is reputable and high quality, feel free to stick with it if you’ve seen good results. Just make sure that it is safe on the stone and the metal, as not all rings will react to cleansers the same way. clean jewelry Simple Soap and Water The best way to clean an engagement ring is with a mixture of warm water and a gentle dishwashing liquid. It sounds too simple to be true, but this tried and tested method has been getting the job done for years. You can submerge your engagement ring in the solution and use a soft bristled toothbrush to scrub off any dirt or grime. If your ring needs a little more TLC, you can let it soak in the solution overnight before scrubbing it. Dish Soap Make Your Own Baking Soda Paste Another at home method for cleaning your ring is mixing baking soda with water. Unlike the soap and water mixture, this combination creates more of a paste. Many think this is the best way to clean an engagement ring that is moderately dirty because the process removes dirts without damaging the ring and gives it a nice shine. Like the soap and water method, you can cover the ring with the paste and gently scrub it with a soft tooth brush. Be careful to use this method on rings with soft stones (like pearls and opals), as the paste can be a little too abrasive. best way to clean an Engagement Ring Ring Cleaners If you have a solitaire engagement ring without any accent stones, you can use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. We do not recommend this for rings with a lot of small accent stones, or soft stones, as the waves from the cleaner can actually loosen and sometimes dislodge these small stones. If these methods don’t get your ring as clean as you like, or you want to offload the job to someone else, you can always contact Trumpet & Horn for specific advice. There are many easy and effective ways to clean your jewelry, but the best way to clean an engagement ring is the one that you feel comfortable with and that gets you the results you want.

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