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Every piece of beautiful jewelry featured on Trumpet & Horn is considered a classic. Our vintage and antique pieces are heirlooms that have rich stories attached to them, and our vintage inspired pieces are modern day classics that will build a history over the years.

Our antique rings and the intriguing stories they carry are loved for generations, much like classic literary stories that have lived on through the years. Engagement and other types of rings often carry a connotation of romance and love, symbolizing a bond and shared life between two people. It’s probably no surprise that some of our favorite literary classics focus on similar bonds and intense love stories. It is easy to imagine that some of the stories associated with our antique pieces parallel the relationships shared in great novels.


In fact, three of our favorite tales seem to perfectly encapsulate a few of our antique rings: Sense & Sensibility, Tender is the Night, and Wuthering Heights.


Sense, Sensibility, & Farnham



Farnham is a charming authentic Victorian era ring that somehow manages to be both complex and simple, much like the lives of of the Dashwood sisters in the Jane Austen classic, Sense & Sensibility. Like Elinor and Edward’s feelings for each other, this stunning ring has remained intact over the years and its beauty and value has grown over time. The twelve 3mm seed pearls add an elegant, yet delicate touch when paired with the 2.75ct bluish gray sapphire. This antique ring is over 150 years old and embodies romance and mystique along with a story that is up for interpretation, similar to the famous novel.

Tender Is the Night Meets the Alderley



With its multiple layers and unusual design, the Alderley is a ringer (no pun intended) for Tender is the Night’s lead character, Dick Diver. This gorgeous late Art Deco piece includes an 18k white gold ring with a center 0.88 ct diamond. Just like Diver had two leading ladies, Alderley prominently features eight additional single cut diamonds totaling approximately 0.20ct, as well as four triangular shaped emeralds totaling approximately 0.05ct. Unlike the classic character, this antique ring perfectly balances its different stones and promises to be a symbol of long-lasting romance.


Larger than Life: Wuthering Heights and Pebble Beach

 pebble beach ring

Pebble Beach is bold, intricate, and larger than life, which is why it resembles the dynamic relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff. This Victorian era ring has a bezel set 0.98ct rose cut center diamond that is surrounded by 12 additional rose cut diamonds, symbolizing the jealousy, revenge, and other obstacles that always seemed to surround Heathcliff’s eternal love for Catherine. Although Catherine and Heathcliff’s tale did not have a happy ending, Pebble Beach is ready for a fairy tale romance and will surely be a conversation starter.


Farnham, Alderey, and Pebble Beach are three antique rings that remind us here at Trumpet & Horn of a few literary classics. Find more classic rings at Trumpet & Horn that are ready to become a part of your love story.