Mix and Match Gemstones for a Vibrant Engagement Ring

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diamond and emerald engagement ring“To have and to hold, for better and for worse . . ..” These are the vows that you will be reciting when tying the knot. Why not make the engagement ring you give her something that she will treasure forever along with your love? At Trumpet & Horn, we specialize in vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings. We sell a variety of gems from a sapphire necklace to a ruby bracelet to a diamond and emerald engagement ring. Our selection sparkles with variety. We created our ecommerce company to share what we love with people who are passionate about the same things: high-quality craftsmanship, distinctive designs, and items that are created just for you. Our products are one of a kind. In the case of vintage pieces, the jewelry is authentically vintage, meaning that it is not a piece that is mass produced in large quantities on a modern day machine. Instead, any diamond and emerald engagement ring, sapphire necklace, ruby bracelet or other design has been handcrafted with special attention paid to every detail. Our vintage-inspired rings have the same feel, but are created with current techniques. This gives you a classic, old-world feel with the assurance of buying a newly created masterpiece. So choose an old diamond and emerald engagement ring or go with one that is new but with a nostalgic feel. We offer that choice to ensure you get the charming product you are looking for with top notch quality. diamond and emerald engagement ringWe have stepped outside of the box to create a unique jewelry brand. We hope this gives you the courage to step outside of the box with your purchase to look for something distinct instead of safe. The best place to start when going a little off the beaten path is with a colored gemstone. Sure, they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are more like the lively friends she calls when she wants to go out and have fun. She’ll be wearing this ring for life: make it something that is as dynamic as her multifaceted personality. diamond and emerald engagement ringConsider a diamond and emerald engagement ring. This choice is a step away from the traditional diamond ring without forgoing the tried-and-true diamond. We have a fantastic selection of diamond and emerald engagement rings, along with diamonds paired with other select jewels. Speak with one of our representatives online or on the phone to help you find a piece of jewelry that will make your engagement a moment that she will remember the rest of her life.

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