Proposing Without a Ring

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At Trumpet & Horn, we are proud to have lots of unconventional brides shop our store. lancaster ringWe love the unique styles and experiences that lead each of our one-of-a-kind customers to find their one-of-a-kind vintage engagement rings. windomFrom our customers, we are constantly learning about the wedding industry and are so excited to be part of it's rapid growth and evolution. We find ourselves in a super unique position as a vendor of primarily engagement rings— part of the story at the very inception of a couple's journey to matrimony.wildwood Wedgefield | Trumpet & HornBuying an engagement ring is a huge commitment and milestone and we never want the gravity of the what engagement symbolizes to be overshadowed by a stressful shopping experience. That's why we strive to provide exceptional customer service to all sifting through our many, many pages of vintage and antique engagement rings! While it has always been common for couples to ring shop together, we've seen an influx of customers who are already engaged shopping for their engagement ring. We are in full support of the new trend of proposing without an engagement ring! Not only does it take some of the pressure off of the guy scrambling to plan a proposal AND find a ring, but it allows for the shopping experience itself to become part of a couple's story. When you purchase an engagement ring together, you have the opportunity to shop leisurely until you find something you're sure to cherish forever. There are so many fantastic vintage engagement rings, from Victorian to Modern, that it can be difficult to narrow it down without a second opinion! If your partner is open to it, it's definitely a great idea to discuss the option of getting engaged without a ring and then shopping Trumpet & Horn. Regardless of if you shop as an engaged couple, or solo, you're sure to have an easy & memorable experience at T&H. All of our buying is risk free, so if you purchase a ring and decide it's not perfect, we'll take it back for a full refund! As always, the most important takeaway when shopping for an engagement ring is that you should be comfortable and excited to take this very first step towards marriage!

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