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As St. Patrick’s Day draws near, I’m gearing up for the one day where my world is awash with green and I can wear the one obnoxiously green dress I own. In the Trumpet & Horn office, I immediately equate green with my favorite four-leaf clover-toned gemstone, the emerald. Emeralds are over 2.97 BILLION years old and were a favorite of Pharaoh Cleopatra, so these luscious stones are pretty close to the top of my list. With these St. Patrick’s Day inspired emerald rings we’ll make sure you never get pinched for not wearing green ;)

Palm Desert: $7,200

More like Get-On-My-Palm Desert. This stunning Victorian Zambian emerald dates back to 1905 and kind of makes my eyes roll back in my head out of sheer beauty. It has no clarity enhancement, meaning the vibrant color and clarity are all its own. I’m wearing it as I type and I can’t stop writing tpoys. I mean... typos. SEE?! Get in on this.

Evergreen: $8,800

This emerald makes me Evergreen with envy. I am a sucker for anything with a baguette diamond, and this Art Deco masterpiece has four...Lorde help me! (Lorde the singer, that is. I bet she’d love this ring as much as I do. We would totally be best friends. Le sigh.) This gorgeous .80ct emerald hails from Colombia and is begging to be worn at our local tiki bar at Clifton’s. The baguette diamonds flanking the emerald vary in F-G color and VS clarity. Need I say more?

Clearbrook: $9,500

If Evergreen had a sexy second cousin from Colombia, Clearbrook would be her. With her sleek .33ct trillions cuts and vivid 1.05ct emerald this Bad Girl Ring Ring is ready for a night on the town. This St. Patrick’s Day inspired ring is just what the leprechaun ordered. Clearbrook, full hearts, can’t lose.

Shamrock: $3,500

I couldn’t pick a more appropriately named St. Patrick’s Day inspired ring if I tried. This sassy platinum and white gold ring will Shamrock your socks off! It is a converted Art Deco earring mounted on the diagonal, making it the perfect match for a millennial wanting a pop of color. At its price of $3,500 Shamrock is easy on the eyes and the wallet. I’ll cheers with Guinness to that!

Madison Square: $18,500

Welcome to New York! There are so many good things happening here I can hardly deal. This Art Deco vixen would make Gatsby himself drool. She features a bezel set Emerald Cut .70ct F-G VS center stone, 16 natural green emeralds and 24 OEC .70ct diamonds. She is the mother of all St. Patrick’s Day inspired rings and her legacy will live on for generations to come. There seems to be a pot of platinum at the end of my rainbow and I’m okay with that.

Liz is our Sales Manager, in-house stylist and token southern belle from New Orleans, LA. She specializes in personal shopping, gifting and making all things adorable. Click on her pic for styling advice!

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