Then & Now: By the Sea

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vintage jewelry sale   According to Greek mythology, the Sirens were beautiful, sea dwelling creatures who lured sailors to their rocky island coast with enchanting songs and mesmerizing beauty. Typically seen as more of a “femme fatale” than your usual mermaids, these stunning creatures are rare, gorgeous, and wonderfully vintage.   Vintage jewelry has a way of luring people in as well - when you find the perfect vintage piece, its pull will call out to you in ways that newer jewelry never will. Each piece has its own history already behind it, just waiting for the next woman to add her own unique story.   Beautiful emeralds, lapis, turquoise, and diamonds represent the vintage Siren perfectly. Any strong, fearless woman who loves to spend her time by the sea would be the perfect owner of one of these unique, ocean inspired pieces.   Click here to shop the three stunning pieces featured in Then & Now: By the Sea. These pieces are on sale from July 18-31, but remember: our jewelry is all one-of-a-kind, so once a piece is gone, it’s gone!

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