Tips for Affording an Engagement Ring

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So you've found your dream girl, and you think you've got the ring thing all figured out, and now only ONE thing stands in your way: how on earth are you going to pay for that engagement ring?? Buying an engagement ring can be intimidating. Not only does it symbolize a lifetime of commitment, it can also be expensive. For the vast majority of our customers, an engagement ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry they have ever bought, and we don't take that lightly! We have a few tips for how to afford and how to pay for an engagement ring:

  • Budget It is important for you to have an idea of what you would be comfortable spending before you start looking at rings. Sure, the pictures you have seen of 2ct Asscher Cut rings on Pinterest are gorgeous, but it might not be realistic for your bank account. The age old mantra tells men they're expected to spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring, and we think that is a little presumptuous. We think you should spend whatever you are comfortable with now, without stretching yourself (or your wallet) too thin. A lot of couples have a whole host of financial goals around their engagement — maybe they're trying to buy a house or pay off student loans or are still in school. Just remember, if you can't afford her dream ring now, there will be many happy anniversaries in your future, and nine more fingers waiting patiently for sparkly jewels ☺
  • Colored Stones If your lady wants a big look, but you can't necessarily afford a big center diamond, consider a ring with colored gemstones! Often times colored gemstones are more affordable and can offer a larger presence on the hand. Maybe we're biased, but we just can't get enough of how stunning engagement rings with a splash of color look! If you definitely want to buy a diamond, do some research on the 4 C's. Getting a stone with slightly more color or a lower clarity grade can help reduce the price!
  • Finance One great option for how to pay for an engagement ring is doing so over time with financing. At Trumpet & Horn, we have partnered with Affirm to offer flexible payment options. You can choose to pay over 3, 6 or 12 months with APR rates between 0-30%. The checkout process with Affirm is incredibly simple and secure — just enter some basic identifying information and you'll receive the terms of your loan within seconds. And the best part about it? You'll get your ring right away, without feeling the immediate effects on your wallet!

Regardless of how you choose to pay for an engagement ring, it’s important not to lose sight of the whole purpose of the ring: a symbol of your commitment to forever with each other. We’re committed to making your shopping experience as memorable and special as we can! Contact us to start your ring hunt today!

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