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Not gonna lie, Valentine’s Day is hands down my favorite holiday, and not entirely for the whole ‘shower your significant other in love and gifts’ thing either. Simply because it is a day that honors love, happiness and everything pink and red. What’s not to adore, amor? While the date’s traditional roots commemorate the Christian martyr Saint Valentine, modern customs call for red roses, chalk flavored candy hearts, fondue for two, and (my personal favorite) jewelry! Valentine’s Day gifts and greetings can be traced back to the Middle Ages, but didn’t become especially prevalent until the 1500s. If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no further! I’ve rounded up my top ten favorite Valentine's Day inspired engagement rings. In my opinion, the redder the better!

Cross that bridge when you get there!

Looking for a classic design that will never go out of style? The Bixby Bridge ring takes a perfectly modern spin on the timeless three-stone design. With a bright pink tourmaline in the center, how could she say no to forever?!

More like Bolinas Slay.

Another three-stone design, with Victorian roots, the Bolinas Bay is the epitome of feminine and romantic. Nothing says “you’re my past, present, and future” like the timeless combination of diamonds and sapphires. Bolinas Bay is bubbly, bright and a great choice for a Valentine’s Day inspired ring.

Our love is deep as crimson

Does it get more romantic than deep, crimson red?! With an incredibly rare Unheated Burmese ruby in the center, a glittering halo of Old Mine Cut diamonds, and a price point under $3,500, this ring just might be the Crimson Way to her heart.

Flower power

Ralph Waldo Emerson had it so right when he said “the earth laughs in flowers.” This stunning floral Grace ring by Claire Pettibone features a rosy, watery kunzite surrounded with happy pink amethysts, tsavorite garnets and Round Brilliant Cut diamonds. This is basically like buying her flowers everyday!

Rubies don’t quit

Winter is the form of this dark and moody stone from Claire Pettibone’s Couture Collection. The Equinox Ruby is 2.04ct of ruby realness and Unheated to boot. This Valentine’s Day inspired ring has a split shank and is completed with 22 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. This rare saturated stone is fit for the Khaleesi in your life, dragon sold separately.  

Cardinal Fallin head over heels

King Edward VII knew what was up and still does. His legacy lives on in this 2.35 Cushion Cut heated Burma ruby, surrounded by a halo of 14 Old Mine Cut diamonds. Cardinal Falls has seen it all as it is believed to have started out its life as a ring, then into a pendant, then back into ring form. This baby needs to find its home on your finger!

Do You Lilac It?

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for pink and red, purples get to play too! This whopping 5.20ct Oval Cabochon Cut amethyst was destined for royalty. With a mix of platinum and 18k yellow gold indicative of the late Art Deco era, Lilac Hill is begging to be worn!

Rose Gold Wonky Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring of My Childhood Dreams!

Words cannot convey the adoration I have for this ring. I see countless gorgeous rings on the daily, but none have quite captured my heart the way Calloway has! Dating back to the early 1900s, this .82ct Old Mine Cut center stone is perfectly imperfect and flanked by her two OMC buddies totaling .20ct. The first image that comes to my mind when I think about this ring is Drew Barrymore in ‘Ever After’ when she waits at the top of the stairs with her fairy wings. What else needs to be said about this  Valentine’s Day inspired ring?!

Devotion, nuff said. 

It’s just ~devotion~ taking me over! This sweet 18k rose gold band from the Claire Pettibone collection is the perfect addition to an existing ring or completely darling all on her own. This cutie has textured engraving, leafy floral accents and 14 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, perfect for February 14th.

Rose Cuts are the Way to My Heart

Rose Cut diamonds may technically be dead on the inside, but they are still able to give so much love. Historically one of the oldest cuts in the book, Rose Cuts have a flat bottom and are unable to let light out, giving off a grey cast. These smokey and romantic bad boys have been around since the 1700s Georgian period and in my opinion makes the Marseilles band the sweetest Valentine’s inspired engagement ring.

Don’t miss out on our sweet treat Valentine’s promo of 14% off your purchase! Of course this is just a sampling of what we have to offer. Need help picking out Valentine’s inspired engagement rings or gifts? Get at me!

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  Liz is our Sales Manager, in-house stylist and token southern belle from New Orleans, LA. She specializes in personal shopping, gifting and making all things adorable. Click on her pic for styling advice!

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