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When your wedding day comes, all eyes will be on you. You’ve spent months searching for the dress of all dresses, you’ve made sure that your updo looks perfect and that not a single strand is out of place, and now there’s only one more box to check off your list: your accessories! Whether you’re going for something elegant and minimal, or you’re ready to embrace a bold pop of color, our selection of vintage bridal jewelry at Trumpet & Horn has something for every bride’s tastes. Just be careful—when you find that special piece, it might just take your breath away.

Keep with Tradition

For the traditional brides out there who plan to don a clean white or ivory gown, low heels, and a pristine updo, a pair of vintage bridal earrings are the perfect addition to your ensemble. Not only will a pair of diamond chandelier earrings add the perfect hint of sparkle when you’re standing at the altar, but imagine the delicate shimmer as you make your way down the aisle. To add a subtle touch of color while remaining traditional, you can also opt for a hint of gold—for example, our Victorian Gold and Pearl Etruscan Earrings make a great choice.

Embrace Your Originality

For a bride who is looking to go outside the box, embrace a pop of color! At Trumpet & Horn you can find a pair of earrings or a beautiful vintage bridal necklace that will really help you stand out in pictures and catch your guests’ attention throughout the celebration. It may not have crossed your mind before, but the jewelry you wear can also be a subtle way to incorporate your wedding colors into your outfit!

Shop Trumpet & Horn!

There’s no question about it; vintage bridal jewelry is the perfect choice for “something old” to wear during your ceremony, and something so timeless is destined to become a family heirloom. Trumpet & Horn carries the finest antique bridal jewelry, and each piece has its own deep history. Shop Trumpet & Horn today!

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