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We understand how stressful and intimidating it can be to go engagement ring shopping.  At Trumpet & Horn we strive to offer an inviting and pressure-free environment when shopping for engagement rings in Los Angeles. Our private showroom is by appointment only so that our expert Sales Associates can focus on finding you that perfect ring. Appointments span one hour and you're welcome to try on anything, take pictures, even FaceTime a trusted conspirator for advice! There are a few things you can do before your appointment to help make it more successful:

  • Think about what style engagement ring she would like. Does she generally wear more white gold jewelry or yellow gold? Take our engagement ring style quiz to help determine what type of gal she is!
  • Find a few examples of rings that you like on our website & make note of their names. One of the great advantages of shopping for an engagement ring in Los Angeles is that we have a ton of inventory not listed on our website that we're happy to have you check out! Do you love Victorian sapphire cluster rings for example? Chances are we have about five or ten not yet on the site to show you!
  • Find out her ring size if possible! This part isn’t necessary, we’re always happy to size a ring after purchase, but it helps give us an idea of her hand size too.
  • Set a budget! We have rings that range from $400 to over $50,000 and knowing what you’re comfortable spending is really going to help you. We’ll never urge you to consider anything out of your financial (or stylistic!) comfort zone.
  • Confirm our address! There are a lot of options for engagement rings in Los Angeles, and we want to make sure you come to the right place, especially since we don’t have it published anywhere ☺

And, our most important tip, is to RELAX and have fun! Shopping for an engagement ring is just the first step towards a lifetime of commitment and love. You should enjoy & cherish it.

We hope you'll contact us soon to schedule your Los Angeles area appointment! We can't wait to meet you ♥


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