Vintage Oxidized Engagement Rings

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Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs when electrons leap from the metal and attach themselves to oxygen molecules. In the jewelry world, this process causes the slightly black, tarnished look that we so often associate with antique jewelry. Pieces that are made of silver or topped with silver, tend to oxidize quicker than those made of gold or platinum. Oxidation gives vintage jewelry a truly special antique look! The stones contrast beautifully with the oxidized metal and sparkle boldly.

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As a finishing touch to some of our newly-made, vintage-inspired pieces, we often deliberately oxidize the metal in order to give it a vintage look and feel. We love the way oxidation highlights the detailing in the metalwork. This is of course optional, and you're welcome to request a high polish finish in a vintage-inspired piece if that is your preference! You can see a great example of the difference below in our Claire Pettibone Dauphine ring:


As always, let us know if you need any help finding your perfect vintage dream ring! ♥

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