Wear Your Love of the Outdoors with Unique Flower Rings

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Ah, spring. Romance is in the air, and it's the perfect weather to slip on those flowery sun dresses and floppy hats! But what spring outfit would be complete without one of our vintage-inspired unique flower rings as your staple spring piece? Show your love of the outdoors by adorning your spring ensembles with the dazzling petals made from brilliantly colored gems, and sparkling diamonds that comprise these rare vintage pieces.

There's no doubt that these intricately designed rings will catch everyone’s eye. Especially when the sun glistens off of the magnificent details of these one-of-a-kind accessories. These eclectic rings encapture the beauty of freshly bloomed flowers—only their shimmer is brighter!

Whether you love majestic jewel tones, or are a fan more subdued color schemes, you won't be able to stop holding your hand out to admire your gorgeous ring. We're sure you'll love one of these unique flower rings as much as you love the great outdoors.

timeless stonebridge

The Timeless Stonebridge

A floral halo of eight rose cut diamonds surround the 14k rose gold bezel center for a truly timeless, vintage-inspired look.This piece is one of our unique flower rings that doesn't just boast a beautiful flower. The Stonebridge is also finished with chevron shaped metal work along the shoulders that resemble leaves to complete the flower.

Inspired by the early Victorian period, the Stonebridge is a classic piece that would look elegant any time of the year.

The Whimsical Stansbury Engagement Ring


If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring for a woman who loves the outdoors and all things earthy, take a look at the brilliant design of theStansbury. Just one look at it will make her eyes twinkle the way yours do when you see your special lady.

The Stansbury is a dazzling, antique Victorian era engagement ring that creates a breathtaking flower design from six richly toned rubies that surround an old mine cut diamond. To make this unique flower ring sparkle even more there are twenty four single cut, round diamonds, all set in 18k yellow gold.

graceful barrington

The Graceful Barrington

Welcome in Spring with this delightful early Victorian ring that forms two gracefully growing flowers. A brilliant blue bezel set sapphire offsets a dainty round ruby to make the two flowers, each elegantly accented with petals made from a total of fourteen rose cut diamonds.

vibrant holden

The Vibrant Holden

Vibrant green demantoid garnets and alternating halos of old European cut diamonds make this piece one of our unique flower rings that are truly one of a kind! This playful Victorian era ring is made from 18k gold that centers a diamond surrounded by the summery halos that comprise the pretty flower design.

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