Wedding Planning 101: Inspo & Budgeting

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Empire State | Vintage inspired 18k yellow gold and platinum engagement ring featuring a 2ct Old Mine Cushion Cut diamond by Trumpet & Horn

So you’ve gotten engaged & now reality sinks in: you’re planning a wedding!

With so many details to consider, starting to plan your wedding day can seem super daunting. Thankfully, some things don’t need to be done immediately after your engagement. But other aspects of your wedding, like gathering #weddinginspo & budgeting, need to be tackled first.
Shafor Park | Authentic Edwardian era platinum and 2ct diamond ring with sapphire accents circa 1910 from Trumpet & Horn
If you’re like us, you already have your wedding Pinterest board full of ideas -- but on the chance you haven’t explored all the options yet we’ve got you covered. You can browse all of our Wedding Boards on the Trumpet & Horn Pinterest & re-pin everything you love!
Making Pinterest boards for individual aspects of your wedding makes organization fun & easy. You can curate different mood boards for your engagement party, wedding dress styles, bridesmaid hair & makeup options, pretty much anything. The possibilities are endless!
Besides the decor & design aspects, the main factor determining all the other wedding day details is your budget. The bigger & more beautiful your wedding, the bigger your budget has to be.
Sometimes money can be a touchy subject, but it’s necessary to get these details sorted out before planning other things. One big thing to determine: who’s paying for your wedding? Whether it’s one family or both, everyone contributing will want to be involved.
Another big aspect of the big day is size -- is this going to be a party of hundreds or an intimate affair? More guests equals more money, so keeping your wedding day small can keep some money in your bank account.
Sandon | Authentic Victorian Era diamond cushion cut cluster ring dating to the year 1890 by Trumpet & Horn
Coming up with an overall budget then breaking it down by category is the best plan of attack! Pick out which parts of the wedding mean the most to you as a couple, (be it florals, the rehearsal, band etc.) & focus on those details first, then break everything else down from there. 
We know wedding planning seems overwhelming at times, but this whole process will pay off beautifully on your big day! We love sharing this journey with you! As always, don’t forget to share your pics along the way with #tootyourhorn

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