When To Take Off Your Engagement Ring

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when to take off engagement ring   When you find the perfect vintage engagement ring that was absolutely meant for you, it's pretty likely that you'll NEVER want to take it off! However, vintage engagement rings (like all fine jewelry) not only need to be LOVED, but also CARED FOR! Jewelry is delicate, and keeping it safe from being scratched, bent, broken, dulled, loosened up, or (heaven forbid) lost somewhere, a few preventative steps should always be taken, no matter how busy you think you are! Here is a list we've complied of the top ten times that you should DEFINITELY take off your engagement ring. When it comes to vintage engagement rings - always be SAFE rather than SORRY!   Credits: Swimsuit by Mara Hoffman, Hand lotion from Compagnie de Provence, Floral dishes from Anthropologie, Photo by Drawing From Memory for T&H, Running shoes from Nike

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