Which of Our Victorian Style Engagement Rings Fits Your Personality?

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Jewelry from the Victorian era remains a favorite because of its rich history and romantic details. With such a diverse selection of Victorian-style engagement rings available from this time, it can be difficult to choose a favorite.

To help you get a better grasp on the different styles of rings from the era, and to add some fun into the mix, we have come up with a quiz that will introduce you to some of our favorites and help you determine which fits your personality.

If you are currently in the process of searching for a ring, this quiz might help you narrow down your options, introduce you to some new ones, or confirm suspicions that you have already found your perfect match. If you aren’t actually looking to purchase an engagement ring yet, you can still play along and see which of our Victorian style engagement rings was made for you.

It’s Friday evening and your plans include:

  1. Trying something new, like indoor skydiving.
  2. Having dinner at a nice restaurant followed by a showing of the latest romantic comedy.
  3. A night in with my pet, some wine, and Netflix.
  4. Going to a house party and meeting friends for drinks afterwards.

The television is tuned to your favorite show, which is:

  1. Animal Planet. I don’t care what’s on, as long as there are animals and nature.
  2. The Bachelor. Who doesn’t want to find true love?
  3. Mad Men. It fulfills the drama quota in my life and gives me a go-to topic at social events.
  4. Reality TV. There is fighting, crying, love, and hate. What more could you want?

You’re treating yourself to a new outfit. Where is your first stop?

  1. The thrift store. I love a good, one-of-a-kind find.
  2. Anthropologie or a local boutique with flowy blouses and dresses.
  3. Online. It’s way easier and you can avoid the crowds.
  4. The mall. There’s more options, lots of people watching, and you never know who you’ll run into.

You finally get to take your dream vacation. Where do you go?

  1. A solo trip to Santa Barbara—nowhere touristy.
  2. Maybe Paris or Florence. They both seem very charming.
  3. Rome for the museums and good food.
  4. Miami. Who doesn’t love the beach and great nightlife?



Antique Victorian Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

If you chose mostly A:

You are unique and some would even say bold. When it comes to Victorian style engagement rings, among other things, you want something that is beautiful, but also a bit unconventional. Pieces with bright colors and nature themes probably appeal to you, like the sky-blue color of the Ceylon sapphire in our Stone Gate engagement ring. You are a woman like Queen Victoria, who wore many colors and styles.

Beverly Hills

Mostly B:

Chances are you have always been a girly girl. You love romance and all things feminine, like dresses, jewelry, and flowers. A flower-shaped ring is a perfect option for you, especially one with a warm-hued center. Beverly Hills is from the end of the era and is one of our most delicate Victorian style engagement rings.


Mostly C:

You are a bit more reserved than a lot of your friends. You enjoy a night out but are equally as comfortable staying in and catching up on a book, watching your favorite shows, or updating your blog. Athens is your kind of ring because it is simple, elegant, and speaks for itself. You get the best of both worlds with a center diamond and two pearls on either side, as well as delicate detailing.

Bunker HIll

Mostly D:

When people describe you they use the words “loud,” “outgoing,” and “fun.” When it comes to Victorian style engagement rings, you want something that shares the same traits, like Bunker Hill. This beauty features over 40 diamonds and it definitely won’t get lost in the crowd. Of course it has a pop of color, featuring a bold, blue sapphire in the center. This ring will spark conversation wherever you go, which is just fine with you.

Find Your Engagement Ring at Trumpet & Horn

If you are on the hunt for a vintage engagement ring, the process can seem a bit intimidating. Regardless of where you are in the process, exploring new styles in search of the perfect ring can be fun. If the ring you were matched with in this quiz is one that you like, use it as a starting point. If not, Trumpet & Horn has a large selection of Victorian style engagement rings, as well as rings from other eras. Eventually you will find the perfect ring, or it will find you.

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