Spotlight on Sweet Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Rings

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Rose gold vintage engagement rings

Rose gold vintage engagement rings don’t always get the attention that they deserve. For many years, gold was the standard for engagement rings and wedding bands. In this day and age, many brides-to-be opt for what is now a traditional diamond engagement ring, often with a white gold or platinum band. While gold is still a popular choice, it is often yellow gold that is seen as the primary metal for engagement rings. However, rose gold rings are an excellent option for many brides and are beautiful pieces of jewelry, which is why we are putting the spotlight on four of our favorite rose gold rings at Trumpet & Horn.

What’s in a Name Rose gold comes from a mixture of pure gold and copper, which gives it its pinkish hue. It was a common metal used for jewelry in the 18th and 19th century. This is why you might come across rose gold vintage engagement rings when browsing antique or vintage jewelry. Rose gold rings convey a sweet sentiment and are a great option for something that is a little bit different but still has a traditional feel.

Leeds The first of the three rose gold rings featured in this post is from the Victorian era. Leeds is an elegant rose gold ring that manages to be both simple and complex. While the solitaire needs no help in standing out, the rose hue makes the diamond appear even brighter.


While the metal and stone already make Leeds unique, upon closer inspection, the six prong setting almost resembles a talon holding the diamond in its grip. These characteristics made us fall in love with Leeds, which is why we consider it one of our favorite rose gold vintage engagement rings. Add in the twist detail on the band and you’ve got a recipe for a stunning, one-of-a-kind ring.


Braddock This antique ring comes from the early Victorian era, circa the 1860s. Like Leeds, Braddock features a solitaire diamond with a wide shank, but the detail in the band is also a large draw to this engagement ring. A raised fleur-de-lis motif sits on both sides of the center diamond, and paired with the beautiful rose gold band, makes Braddock a very unique ring. This is a perfect pick for the girl who loves antique jewelry and tends to shy away from the typical or expected.


Elysees At Trumpet & Horn, we love a good flower ring, and Elysees makes our list of rose gold vintage engagement rings because you can’t get much sweeter than a pink hued floral ring. The center diamond is a cushion cut surrounded by a halo of eight round diamonds, making the flower shape that we all know and love. Elysees is from the mid-1800s and is stamped on the inside of the band with original French hallmarks. With the combination of rose gold and a diamond flower, you can’t go wrong by choosing Elysees.

Sunset Hill

Sunset Hill Last, but certainly not least in our list of rose gold rings, is another flower ring from the Edwardian era. In 1915, around the time Sunset Hill was made, jewelry was all about elegance and intricate detailing. Platinum was becoming the go-to metal, so rose gold vintage engagement rings from this period are not extremely popular.

True to the era it comes from, Sunset Hill includes a round center stone surrounded by 13 additional diamonds, and the milgrain edges and detailed rose gold scallops give this ring a delicate feel.

Get Your Own Rose Gold Ring The mixture of gold and copper creates a sweet, delicate ring and is a wonderful option for an elegant engagement ring. Find the rings featured here, and other rose gold jewelry, at Trumpet & Horn.

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