Nature Inspired Jewelry

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that is as beautiful and unique as the natural world around you, look no further than our collection of nature-inspired jewelry at Trumpet & Horn. Nature-inspired jewelry is in no way a new trend. In fact, the style has been prominent in a variety of eras, dating all the way back to the Georgian and Victorian periods of the 1800s. Whether you’re interested in a stunning piece that features your favorite animal, or an intricate floral design, we have quite a few options for you to choose from at Trumpet & Horn, and each piece has its own story to tell.

A Piece of the Animal Kingdom

Whether you’re interested in nature-inspired rings, pins, or pendants, our collection of vintage jewelry at Trumpet & Horn is sure to impress. Our stunning pieces of jewelry that are inspired by the animal kingdom, feature lions, snakes, deer, and even more mythological creatures, like this enchanting winged griffin. Whether the animal is the star of the show, or it’s paired with a brilliant gemstone, it’s sure to attract quite a few compliments!

As Delicate as a Flower and Just as Sweet

It’s rare to find a lady that doesn’t love her flowers, so it’s no surprise that flowers are another main focal point in nature-themed jewelry. From vintage flower rings to exquisite brooches and nature-inspired earrings, you can take a piece of the natural world with you everywhere you go, and you’ll never have to worry about it wilting.

Make Your Own Discovery at Trumpet & Horn

Add some color and character to your ensemble while showing off your love for the great outdoors. Browse through our selection of nature-inspired jewelry at Trumpet & Horn today, and make your own discovery!

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