Pearls, So Hot Right Now! Here's Your Guide to Pearl Care

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Vintage Pearl Engagement Rings and Pearl Jewelry from Trumpet & Horn

From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel, Pearls have been an extravagant adornment for men and women throughout history! Today, Pearl jewelry is just as coveted as it was when Elizabeth Taylor snagged the infamous La Peregrina pearl.

In 2018, a pearl and diamond pendant from Marie Antoinette’s royal collection sold at auction for a record-breaking $36 million. If you’re as obsessed with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (hello, season 3!) as we are, you’ll have noticed the incredible costuming and perfectly curated Mid-Century jewelry — notably a double-strand pearl necklace and set of pearl earrings that are a Midge go-to accessory. Pearls reentered the zeitgeist (as if they ever left!) this week with the recent engagement of America’s Sweetheart, Emma Stone.

T&H has always had a soft spot for this soft gem! Pearls are incredibly beautiful, but must be treated with great care. Here are some hot tips for pearl care from our home to yours:


  • Do NOT clean with an ultrasonic, chemical cleaners, direct heat or steam.
  • DO clean pearls with a soft moist cloth, store them in a soft cloth or pouch when you aren’t wearing them!
  • Do NOT wear in harsh environments such as the gym, in the garden, or anywhere they could be submerged in water for a lengthy period of time (think swimming, showering, or at the kitchen sink!).
  • DO strategize your getting-ready timeline. Pearls should be the last article you put on and the first article you take off! Perfume, lotion, hairspray, and makeup have ingredients (such as alcohol) that can eat away at your pearls. Putting on your pearl jewelry after you’ve applied beauty products helps to lengthen and maintain the life and luster of these beautiful gemstones.
  • Do NOT sleep with your pearls on! Body heat can misshape gold and metals over time, compromising the settings in which these precious stones call home. Have your jewelry checked by a trusted jeweler annually to ensure all pearls are secure. Pearl necklaces are traditionally re-strung on silk cord every 3-5 years, so set a calendar alert!
  • DO wear and love your pearls! Jewelry is made to wear while making memories, so live your life enjoying these beautiful gems!


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