Tips on Buying a Vintage Diamond Online

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Deephaven | Victorian vintage inspired antique diamond engagement ring

So you want to propose! Or maybe treat yourself to some gorgeous jewelry, but you’ve never bought a diamond online before...and it can seem overwhelming. No worries, we got you. Here at Trumpet & Horn, over 90% of our sales are online, so we know a thing or two about slinging diamonds over the interwebs!

In an age where you can literally buy anything on the internet, diamonds are no different than a great pair of shoes. The best way to start shopping online for diamonds is to find an online shop (oh hi there!) with an in-house gemologist. We’re talking diamond school here: These gemological geniuses know everything under the sun about gems and can help you find the diamond you want online! It sounds crazy, but we do it all the time! Gemologists and diamond specialists do a lot of the hard work and make your part of the process so much easier. (We have two here at Trumpet & Horn!) Talk about a win win!

Montalvo | Edwardian white gold diamond filigree engagement ring

The key to buying an engagement ring online is doing a bit of research. If you’re shopping for a certain someone, make sure you know their ring size and what shape or style of diamond they want. (Stalk her Pinterest, Instagram and check in with friends and fam to get an idea of her style.) Already feeling lost? Start with the 4 C’s (carat, cut, clarity, and color) and you’ll be well on your way. Take our style quiz to help narrow down styles even more!

Take some time to browse different styles to see what you’re drawn to. Is it an older vintage diamond? Is it new? Modern diamonds and vintage diamonds have totally different characteristics, which can be a bit intimidating to try and remember it all. Most vintage diamonds have larger facets and were hand-cleaved before electricity so their sparkle is very different than a modern stone cut with lasers.

Rolling Ridge | Art Deco antique platinum diamond engagement ring

When buying a diamond online, the experts can point you in the right direction and help translate the certification specs. Just because on paper a diamond has wonky proportions or some minor inclusions, it doesn’t mean it’s all bad! Sometimes in person, this just means the stone was cut before modern standards and may have inclusions hidden in the right places. That's why having a pair of human eyes examine the stone when you can't is so so helpful. This is unfortunately not the case for a lot of big-box online jewelry stores. Discussing all of these factors with the specialists is key and will make you feel like a pro in no time.

In the end, buying a diamond online comes down to thorough communication with the online store, their in-house gemologists, and your personal style! This is such an exciting time and the process should be smooth, knowledgeable, but most of all FUN. As long as you love the jewelry you bought online, that’s all that matters. Start browsing and happy shopping!

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