5 Reasons Why the Yellow Gold Vintage Engagement Ring Is a Perennial Classic

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Yellow Gold Vintage Engagement Rings A yellow gold vintage engagement ring is a classic. Gold has been a popular metal choice for hundreds of years, and it is safe to say that this trend will continue moving into the future. It is almost impossible to go wrong with such a beautiful jewelry staple. Over the years, many gorgeous yellow gold pieces have been featured on Trumpet & Horn, so we decided to share our top five reasons why the beloved metal is such a perennial classic. 1. Versatility Not every metal lends itself well to a variety of styles, but you can find the perfect ring despite your gemstone, detailing, or any other personal preference. The warm hue of a yellow gold vintage engagement ring goes with everything. While diamonds are typically associated with engagement rings, and they look stunning against a yellow gold band, a bolder gemstone also pairs quite nicely with the warm metal. Bermuda Bermuda is a perfect ring to showcase this, with nearly a full carat of diamonds and beautifully bold sapphires joining together in perfect harmony. This Edwardian era ring hails from the early 1900s and shows off a 20th century take on yellow gold. 2. Durability There is a reason that yellow gold has been featured prominently in jewelry through many different eras, and that is because it is strong and durable. A yellow gold vintage engagement ring is hypoallergenic and resists scratching. 3. It’s a Classic As we already mentioned, yellow gold is a classic, and this is reason enough for us to love yellow gold jewelry. Because it has been a staple in engagement rings for centuries, yellow gold has become synonymous with romance and love. Louvre Louvre is a Victorian era ring that showcases how yellow gold can further highlight a beautiful stone; in this case, five beautiful diamonds. This ring is over 100 years old and still as gorgeous as the day it was made. 4. It Complements Everyone A yellow gold vintage engagement ring looks good on everyone! If your preference of metal is yellow gold, then you’ve got nothing to worry about, as it complements all skin tones. Another perk of yellow gold is that it suits darker hued stones, as you can see in Williamsburg. The brown-yellow center diamond perfectly pairs with the warm color of the band, the latter of which complements the stones without overpowering them. Williamsburg 5. It’s in the Details While yellow is a strong metal, it is also one of the easiest for jewelry makers to manipulate. If you want a ring that is very unique or one that features a lot of detailing, a yellow gold vintage engagement ring is right up your alley! Dexter Just look at Dexter to get an idea of what is possible with a yellow gold ring. Dexter is a surprisingly early Victorian ring, estimated to be from the 1840s. At almost 200 years old, this ring is still going strong. The diamonds and rubies pair perfectly with the gorgeous band and the detailing on each shoulder really makes this piece unstoppable. Find More Yellow Gold at Trumpet & Horn While we have shared some reasons why yellow gold is a go-to choice for an engagement ring, the reasons for choosing one truly are endless. Yellow gold stands the test of time, both in practice and in theory. Find your perfect yellow gold vintage engagement ring at Trumpet & Horn.

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