One of the first things everyone wants to know when a celebrity gets engaged are details about their ring. Whether it’s designer clothes, opulent vacations, or 5-star meals, extravagance is the standard lifestyle for any celebrity—and their jewelry is no exception. Although many celebrities collaborate with world-renowned jewelers to create one-of-a-kind rings, many celebrity engagement rings are influenced by popular vintage eras and closely resemble antique styles. At Trumpet & Horn, our collection of unique vintage engagement rings not only ensure premium cuts, carats, and styles, but consist of designs that are reminiscent of Hollywood’s leading ladies’ rings. Narrowing down favorite celebrity rings is no easy task, so we compiled a list of ten stunning engagement rings and matched them with exclusive Trumpet & Horn styles. Browse our collection to find gorgeous engagement rings styles that have inspired your favorite celebrities and see how you can wear your own personal version of their look.

Scarlett Johansson

There’s no mistaking Scarlett Johansson for another actress. As a modern day icon, there are very few actresses who can match her on-screen smolder and level of talent. That’s why it’s no surprise that Scarlett’s fiance popped the big question with an awe-striking engagement ring.


Scarlett’s Art Deco ring features three white rose cut diamonds aligned vertically, with the center stone weighing in at 2 carats and the two remaining stones at 1.5 carats each. While Scarlett’s exact ring is difficult to duplicate, Pembrook is an Art Deco ring with Retro-era metals circa 1935. This celebrity inspired engagement ring is perfect for a diamond lover who swoons over pieces from the early 20th century. The delightfully timeless navette style ring has 18k and 14k white gold, and features nine old European cut and single cut diamonds totalling 0.5 carats in weight.

Kate Middleton

There was a lot of speculation about what her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton, would wear on her finger. When she finally revealed her engagement ring, many people were already familiar with the famous 18-carat, oval cut sapphire. In fact, it was the same ring that Princess Diana wore many years before during her engagement to Prince Charles. Like many of the vintage pieces at Trumpet & Horn, Kate Middleton’s ring has a rich history. Prince William chose the ring as a memento of his mother and as a symbol of his love for Kate Middleton. Princess Diana popularized sapphire engagement rings because she chose her ring out of an array of diamond rings presented to her by Prince Charles.

long grove

There are many options when it comes to celebrity inspired engagement rings, but if Kate’s ring is the one that makes you heart flutter, then Long Grove is for you. This awe-inspiring ring is an authentic, Edwardian platinum piece circa 1915. It features a cushion cut sapphire that totals over four carats and highlights the elegant, deep-blue stone. There are fourteen old European cut diamonds that create a halo around the sapphire, along with a scalloped-edge platinum band embellished with milgraining. The chevron details on the shoulders make this ring fit for a queen.

Lady Gaga

The monster loving singer is known for her outrageous fashion choices and larger-than-life stage persona. If you expect Lady Gaga’s engagement ring to be just as over-the-top as she is, then you would be right. Featuring a very feminine and romantic design, Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped engagement ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz, a renowned jeweler to the stars. The gorgeous heart is estimated to weigh around six carats and has an extra special engraving along the back of the band, which reads, “T ❤ S.” This stands for Taylor loves Stefani, Lady Gaga’s real name.


Celebrity inspired engagement rings give you the style you want without making a large dent in your wallet. While you can’t put a price on love, Lady Gaga’s ring costs around $400,000—for a much more conventional price tag, you can still have an extraordinary ring. Trumpet and Horn’s Lakeridge ring boasts a heart-shaped aquamarine stone that substitutes a diamond. In addition to sharing a similar size as Lady Gaga’s diamond, the Lakeridge also has round cut diamonds on both sides that adds a unique flair. It’s a beautifully authentic mid-century ring circa 1950 with a talon prong setting.

Blake Lively

Well known for her roles on Gossip Girl and Age of Adeline, Blake Lively is equally famous for her fashion choices. Ryan Reynolds accentuated Blake’s elegant style with a six carat diamond engagement ring that complements her regal, yet sexy style. What makes this oval cut diamond so extraordinary is the rare pink stone. Pink diamonds are highly valued for the mystery behind their deeply entrancing color. While other diamonds get their blue color from traces of boron or green color from radiation  displacing carbon atoms, it’s still unclear how pink diamonds are formed.

grace bolinas bay

Another stunning design from Lorraine Schwartz, Blake Lively’s 12 carat engagement ring is further distinguished by the thin rose gold band paved with diamonds. At Trumpet & Horn, we carry several variations on celebrity inspired engagement rings that resemble Blake Lively’s pink gem. Our favorites from our collection  are the whimsical Grace and the bold Bolinas Bay. The Grace, from the Claire Pettibone Fine Jewelry Collection, is a stunning 18k rose gold ring with a 1.83 carat, oval faceted, pink-lavender kunzite stone. Ten bezel-set, round brilliant cut diamonds frame the top and bottom of the stone, each detailed with delicate milgraining. Flowers and petals, set with pink sapphires and tsavorite garnets, adorn the sides of the ring, making it a uniquely romantic design. This ring is a gorgeous alternative to Blake Lively’s. The Bolinas Bay is a Modern-era ring circa 1980 and is set in yellow gold with an oval cut pink sapphire and two flanking round cut diamonds totalling 1.4 carats. The pink sapphire originates from Madagascar and has been authentically certified as an unheated, natural color. Similar to Blake Lively’s engagement ring, the Bolinas Bay ring is a beautiful and understated design.

Eva Longoria

Eva is known for her sexy, feisty characters on television—and her engagement ring is just as bold as her roles. Her gorgeous ring features a large ruby gemstone estimated at about 4 carats and is surrounded by 14 diamonds, a design reminiscent of many Edwardian era rings.

orchard park

Much like Eva Longoria’s ring, Trumpet & Horn’s Orchard Park showcases a lovely ruby from Burma. Ten old European cut diamonds surround the .79 carat ruby, giving the appearance of a flower in bloom. This Edwardian era ring details 14k gold with a petal inspired shank, which adds to the impression of a delicate blossom.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian frequently wears Lorraine Schwartz jewelry on the red carpet; therefore, it makes sense that Kanye West sought Lorraine for guidance in creating the perfect engagement ring for his reality star bride. Considered Kim’s eclipsing personality, her 15-carat, cushion cut diamond engagement ring boasts the clarity of the stone and is flawless. The sizable center stone with tiny diamonds along the band is estimated to have cost between four and five million dollars. At Trumpet & Horn, you can find an alternative to Kim Kardashian’s ring, and other celebrity inspired engagement rings, at affordable prices without sacrificing beauty or quality.


Get a ring similar to Kim Kardashian’s with the Art Deco Waterville cocktail ring. This step cut aquamarine gemstone is reminiscent of clear waters and is over two and a half carats. Featuring a simple four-prong setting, the 18k white gold band is adorned with hand engraving that is meant to give the impression of diamonds set along the band.

Mariah Carey

With her diva reputation and decades-long career as an actress and a singer, Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is out of this world. The impossible-to-miss diamond is the largest on our list at 35 carats! With an extravagant piece like Mariah’s, it’s no wonder that celebrity inspired engagement rings are so popular. Her emerald cut white diamond features baguette cut diamonds on either side and is rumored to cost around 10 million dollars.


Though Mariah Carey’s ring may be unattainably expensive, Trumpet & Horn’s Celine is a beautiful, vintage-inspired ring from the Claire Pettibone collection that similarly mirrors the singer’s extravagant piece. Although it trades in size for the luxurious French embroidery embellishments, the Art Deco emerald cut diamond totals over 1.5 carats and features nine round brilliant cut diamonds surrounding the center stone.

Ashlee Simpson

The former singer and actress’ ring features many traditional elements—white diamonds, gold, and platinum—but Ashlee Simpson’s fiance made it a point to choose a ring that was extremely unique and evocative of love, romance, and beauty. Ashlee Simpson’s Neil Lane engagement ring includes smaller diamonds, as opposed to a single center stone. Her 5-carat engagement ring has 140 white diamonds, including a larger center diamond surrounded by an array of breathtaking red rubies. Celebrity inspired engagement rings are a great resource because they showcase remarkable features and distinguished designs.


At Trumpet & Horn, we carry rings that feature diamonds, ruby, gold, and the intriguing navette shape. Our Prairie ring is an antique, Victorian-era piece with an oval cut ruby weighing almost 1 carat. It is further highlighted by 16 rose cut diamonds and 18k gold detailing.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has captured hearts all over the world since her days on The O.C., and even managed to conquered the heart of comedian and actor, Jason Sudeikis. Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring is a remarkable, yet reserved design that matches her bright green eyes. Unlike many other celebrity engagement rings, which highlight large diamonds and excessive detailing, Olivia Wilde’s ring features a round diamond surrounded by an emerald halo and a simple, thin gold band. It has an estimated size of 3 carats.

red roof

Red Roof is one of our celebrity inspired engagement rings that may actually be more detailed than the ring it resembles. Designed in France circa 1940, this ring has a 12 stone, ruby gem halo instead of its emerald counterpart. The design also has a cultured, cream-colored pearl in place of a diamond. The yellow gold band has elegant leaf hallmarks on the shoulders and the setting is accentuated with milgraining along the edges.

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn’s ring is a ray of sunshine. It features a round cut, yellow diamond and a yellow gold band. The radiant six-carat diamond was originally set in a simple gold band and worn with a set of stackable rings. However, during Rebecca Romijn’s pregnancy, she had the ring resized and completely redesigned. Her yellow diamond now has a unique new feature—it dangles from a thinner gold band. Rebecca Romijn was famous for stating, “Having something dangling from your finger is sexy.” If you feel the same way, then our vintage-inspired Tiara ring is for you. The Tiara has a delightful, pear shaped diamond that seems as if it dangles from the diamond-studded shoulders of the band. Along with the seventeen diamonds on the ring, an additional four round brilliant cut diamonds sit like a crown atop the piece. The Tiara is available in yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold.


You don’t have to be famous to have a ring custom designed. Trumpet & Horn creates vintage and antique inspired rings that can be made specifically for you. We also have a large selection of celebrity inspired engagement rings to kindle your imagination and incite your passion. Visit Trumpet & Horn today to find the perfect engagement ring.