How To Buy the Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring

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Peachtree | Edwardian era vintage inspired platinum and diamond engagement ring

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What’s up lovebirds! If you found this page on the vast array of the internet, we can take a guess and assume that you’re in the market for an engagement ring. Congrats! The world is your oyster! But now what? We get it. This whole process can seem super intimidating/overwhelming and it’s okay if you feel like you have absolutely zero idea what’s going on. This is an amazingly exciting time in both of your lives, and the process should be fun, educational, but most of all, romantic. And we’re here to help!

You’ve already done the hard part and found the perfect person you want to live your life with -- but now you need to lock it down with a gorgeous engagement ring!

Let’s talk numbers

Setting a budget for your engagement ring will instantly help you narrow down what type of ring to purchase. Back in the day the rule of thumb was spending two month’s salary on your ring, but those days are long gone! Maybe this is something you've discussed with your partner or maybe it's not, but it's good to start getting an idea of pricing and what she may desire. Breaking the bank is not necessary but it’s important to be on the same page as your partner and have a concrete number that you’d like to stay below. The overall budget for your engagement ring will dictate the rest of the ring’s specifics -- size, color, cut, clarity, etc.

Ring sizing

Here’s a tough ask, how do you find out your special someone’s ring size if you want to keep the proposal a secret?! Well, the average woman's ring size is a US 7. But if you’re feeling sneaky, there’s some tactics you can try to figure it out yourself. First, ask her best friend! Chances are she’s told one (or twelve) of them what her ideal ring looks like AND what size she is. Friends and family don’t know? No worries. Discreetly swipe a ring from her jewelry box that you know she wears often and bring that ring to the jeweler. (It's ideal if she wears it on her left ring finger.) The jeweler can measure it and ensure the engagement ring will actually fit! Still not convinced on how to crack her size? Do not fear! Here at Trumpet & Horn, we offer one complimentary sizing with each purchase, so we can always size the ring after she says YES!


Rose gold, platinum, diamond, sapphire, solitaire, halo...the possibilities are endless! Are you unsure of your future fiancee's engagement ring style? Not a problem! We’ve created an engagement ring quiz you can take that’ll help you narrow down a style that she's bound to love. If you think her friends and fam can keep it on the DL, you can send them potential pictures to gauge interest, but take others’ advice with a grain of salt -- after all, you’re the one buying the ring! In our experience, the fact that you put in the work to find her dream ring goes a long way. You've picked out a symbol that represents both her as an individual and your marriage to one another, what's not to love?

Adulting level up 

You're taking a huge step in life, and we’re so excited to help you see you through it! Congrats on your future engagement from T&H, and never hesitate to call/chat/email with questions. YOU GOT THIS! 

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